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History of Turkish baths

Turkish bath (hammam)

Some sources claim that the Turkish bath place of Roman therm. U softness of ancient Romans sauna art valued very highly and it was studied to trifles. Roman thermal baths were the basis and hammams - Turkish baths, but like everything in time, transformed under the influence of Byzantine culture.

Before the entrance to the hammam is recommended heated (in a bath or sauna) and then cool the body in a pool or soul - it is necessary for disclosure and then intensify redox reactions to cover tissues. Special Turkish massage massage rukavichkah hot on a bench with plenty of soap solution and contrasting pouring cool water will also help you unleash the beauty of Turkish baths.

Recently, Turkish bath is in vogue. In Italy, home of Roman therm, the main buyers hammam become "… people are middle-aged professionals who have a solid bank account, which in the course of redevelopment give a home town for rest and relaxation…".

In our country, interest in a Turkish bath risen recently. It is probably linked to an emerging people of our country the opportunity to visit other countries. Convenience and beautiful Turkish baths there are already many fans with a healthy lifestyle and aesthetic delight.

Undoubtedly, the construction of hammams - pleasure not cheap. The minimum consumption of electricity in the production of steam is about 3 kW. Fortunately, modern technology does not stand on the spot and now you can build a very high quality Turkish bath at a low cost of working time.

The obligatory element of the modern Turkish steam baths can be considered - a special device to obtain large quantities of hot steam in the short term. Prices of steam in Western countries has recently grown. It is desirable elements can be called aromatization system, a system avtoochistki, kurnu (water sources), decorative items made of marble or mosaic.

The range SaunaDann always have available a large selection of doors for Turkish baths, steam generators, steam cleaning systems and flavours, LUX-elements that are very popular recently. Our specialists are building the Turkish baths in a short time in Moscow and Moscow region. We conclude with their clients Treaty on post service. Standing buyers and wholesalers, we offer considerable discounts.


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Парогенератор для турецкой бани Helo HSX


149-A Auto clean kit автоматическая очистка воды

Steam for the Turkish
baths Helo HSX
149-A Auto clean kit
автоматическая очистка воды


Steam series HSX, production Helo (Finland), have a great range of different models of power that allows you to select a product just for your volume of Turkish baths. The Office of steam is made using digital control room with a multitude of functions. Additionally, the system can be purchased steam cleaning system and flavouring. Call (495) 545-06-22 and consult with our managers.

Светильник для турецкой бани

Светильник для паровой кабины
Кран для турецкой бани
Light to Turkish baths
Light steam for the cab
A crane for the Turkish baths


Lamps for Turkish baths must have a certain class of protection, not less than IP-54. A crane placed in the hammam, usually copper or brass, its decorative properties play a role not last.


Курна №1Crema Marfil 480*300*150 мм
Курна №2 Light Beige
Курна №5 Light Beige
Qurnah № 1 Crema Marfil
480 * 300 * 150 mm
Qurnah № 2 Light Beige
400 * 400 * 150 mm
Qurnah № 5 Light Beige
500 * 360 * 200 mm
Курна №4 Crema Marfil
Курна №5 Light Beige
Курна №3 Emperator Dark
Qurnah № 4 Crema Marfil
500 * 360 * 200 mm
Qurnah № 5 Light Beige
500 * 360 * 200 mm
Qurnah № 3 Emperator Dark
480 * 380 * 150 mm
  Фонтан Bianko
  Fountain Bianko


Qurnah - water source in the Turkish bath - artistic product. Qurna picked for each individual Turkish baths, trying to preserve the style of presentation. Qurna may be on the wall or placed on the floor at high stalk. Water from kurny flows directly from the edge because it has no kurny discharge openings.



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