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Drink or not drink after the bath, there is the question

After baths always want to drink. This is due to the fact that the pair, along with 1-2 liters of sweat our bodies leave the slag, toxins, and other harmful substances, and some useful. To procedure pareniya was until the end of athletics and did not become hazardous to health, assuage the thirst after baths, of course, necessary, but correct.

Why drink in a bath necessary? As is known, the Russian bathhouse akin to physical exercises, during and after recommending to fill the balance of fluids. Dehydration - grave thing: because it can happen fainting, hallucinations, disrupted the work of the heart. To avoid this, doctors recommend drinking at a simple bath or mineral water without gas, containing potassium and magnesium, because these substances come from the body, along with then, herbal and fruit otvary, kvass.

What is bad

The right drink - which means to observe a few simple recommendations. To begin with, while in the sauna or bath, it should be put on a black list of all hard liquors such as vodka or coffee, because it accelerates dehydration, and added burden of cardiovascular system rasparennogo body.

If you feel like something with degrees, you can drink cannikin not very cold beer. For the gradual cooling of the body after the steam in the sauna is better to drink warm drinks, such as light teas.

What is good

Healing herbal and fruit teas and otvary as sbiten, kvass, or SIDS, not only perfectly quench their thirst after the pair, but have obscheukreplyayuschimi properties, the work of rebuilding the nervous system and receptacles.

Well toniziruyut bath in mint and lemon tea (weld on a tea spoon of black and green tea, several limonnika leaf, mint or melissa). Excellent soothes thirst Cranberry tea (1 teaspoon razmyat cranberries with sugar, pour boiling water directly into the cup, insist).

Colds and cure of MS could be if, after baths drink green tea with apples (300 gr. Apples fill with water and cook on low fire for 15 minutes, pour this decoction of green tea leaves and give the draw). Antiseptic effect has brusnichny tea (1 cup boiled water 1 teaspoon dry brusnichnogo sheet insist, warm drink with honey).

Obscheukreplyayuschee and tonic effect in the bath are also kvass and sbiten. In Moscow baths in addition to conventional file kvass Preserves: Blackberry, lemon or apple kvass. If construction of the sauna you have committed themselves and are far from Moscow, a decoction or kvass can prepare themselves. The same applies to sbitnya for its preparation should be to separate 150 grams. honey glass of water, boil thoroughly, add water and sugar for tea spoon zveroboya, cloves, ginger and cinnamon, boil at low heat for 20 minutes, and then to stand in a closed vessel.

With drink in the sauna, if you want to lose weight

As we said earlier, along with then in a bath, you can lose from 0.5 to 2 kg overweight. Strengthen sweating may be a few simple ways: for example, if nateretsya salt, beer or honey, drink before bath of warm water with a little lemon juice or zemlyanichnogo broth with honey.

Besides that drink after the bath, you need to get critical, as well as from the directly affected, to restore the lost kilograms or not. Most importantly - do not drink alcohol and drinks containing sugar (including teas and kvass), and to not drink the bath and did not have anything salty, as well as delaying the salt water in the body. Those who want to lose weight, it is best to replenish fluid balance after water baths at room temperature or grassy nesladkim present.