Распродажа склада


Beautiful live not suspected


Wood stove fireplace Premium


Queen furnaces. The beauty, strength and become. Perfect line. The distinctive details. Decoration and the main advantage of the best baths.


Powerful baths oven and a beautiful big fireplace, as two Siberian rivers, have merged together.


Or maybe this option sauna home theater? Large flat screen 54 centimetres, a brilliant colour, high brightness, wide panoramic overview…


Only now button switch channels do not provide. And all right. Football, soap operas and news-strashilki can be seen anywhere.


And can watch without interrupting on advertising, this film about a fire that fascinates many thousands of years our ancestors, today is far from everyone.


You worked a lot.
You can afford it.


Features and Benefits
  • Big svetoprozrachny screen, widening the fuel channel and allow a wide toplivnik comfortably view the flames from different angles of view.
  • The original labyrinthine gas provides a powerful high-speed heated sauna up to 24 cubic meters of stone and high-heating bookmarks weight about 100 kilograms.
  • Built heat exchanger can heat water outside the tank, located in adjacent spaces.
  • The application of high heat-resistant stainless steel wall oven chemically inert and does not really prone to oxidation, which minimizes the burning of oxygen from the air.
  • You can buy a furnace of any color, provided that it will be black. Radical black.


Technical specifications




Weight, kg
Depth mm
Width mm 605
Height, mm
Volume firebox, l
The volume of the heater, l
Max. Length sex, sm
Waterworks fittings 1/2", 3/4"
Flue diameter, mm
Min. the height of the chimney, m 5