Распродажа склада

Tunguska Vitra

The evolution of style


Classical rovyanaya stove heater panoramic glazing




The idea that the furnace tell our programmers. They looked at the drawings "Kalin" and said: "The screen is 21 inches - is, of course, cool! But not everyone potyanet money. But semnashka would have been at the time ". Constructors heed and "proapgreydili" beloved by all "Tunguska", pridelav thereto semnadtsatidyuymovy "monitor".

Now you can make without any problems at leisure "upgrade" its bathhouse.

"Tunguska Vitra" * perfectly fitted to any place of classical furnace "Termofor".


* [Fr. vitre - glass.].



A number of modification:
Tunguska Vitra L 16
Tunguska Vitra L 24