Распродажа склада

Angara Vitra

Wood oven-heater for Russian bathhouse




If you have never participated in competitions for speed, vybeganiyu of saunas, it is likely confident that the heat bath is not too much. Who knows. Kostya our furnace, of course, not scrap. But in the ears tighten tubes nice - very simple, fast and always please.

Of course, some love to get heated. And quickly. Who has not heard intoxicated with stories about how "forty minutes to catch up with one hundred and forty-plus sauna and then in snowdrift, where forty-minus. And so every forty-row ".

Do not take argue about taste. And much less talk about, whether a Russian sauna called or not, with a clever type of evidence comparing thermometers, Hygrometer and others, is absolutely unnecessary in a bath items.

We were not asked to make a one-year furnace, which most of his… excuse to fool around, thermal power, would be sent, especially at the stones. And the air temperature in the steam would be moderate while. They say that it is the way it should be in a Russian sauna.

It seems we have got.




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Angara Vitra