Распродажа склада

Construction plate wedi BA 30


Product Description

Wedi panels can replace such materials as sheetrock, bricks, plywood, all kinds of Heat isolation and hydro insulation materials.
With its high vapor-waterproof, zero kapilyarnosti, high-strength, low thermal conductivity and constant light weight, this material can perform work of any difficulty as soon as possible. Cookers Wedi calculated at high operating pressures, widely used in public places and outdoor activities.
Cookers Wedi do not contain hazardous substances according to the criteria of the European Community, not petrol, is certified in Russia.



  • The high insulation properties
  • Moisture and paronepronitsaemost
  • Lightweight material
  • Is supporting material in the creation of constructive
  • Ample opportunities for the creation of various shapes and designs
  • Possibility of manufacturing decorative elements of all forms and configurations
  • The high adhesion strength
  • Strength at break
  • Easy installation technology
  • Does not support goreniePaneli Wedi, is more than just a building material. In the hands of a specialist can make almost any design solutions design bathrooms, SPA and other facilities.


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