Распродажа склада



Real experts know, what influence renders a choice of stones on quality of steam and service life heater. The basic requirements to stones used in a sauna, a bath:


  • Small rate of expansion, that would not cause cracking in the heat and popple of water.
  • Green mineral that does not contain harmful impurities.
  • The ability to withstand significant temperature load.
  • Have a large thermal conductivity. 


Before laying stones in the heater to wash clean water, without any tools.

To reduce the likelihood of cracking stones, it is recommended podkidyvat stones at the hot water in small portions. All podkidyvaemaya stones at the water should evaporate. If water starts to spill through the heater on the floor, the rocks are not hot.

But even a good and solid rocks lose its ability to retain heat, when to use them continuously for long periods. At least once a year must pass the stones, while smaller fragments delete and add new, larger stones.

You can use the saunas and bathhouses inexpensive stone gabbro-diabase - art.079, a lot of stones in a box - 20 kg. The larger stones are usually placed on top, small place in the space between the heating elements heater.