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Series Riverina





Series Riverina - enjoy swimming pool in its own way


Why go to beaches noisy when you have an opportunity every day to rest on its own Riviera


Model Riverina can rightfully take a bestseller Compass Pools based on the volume of sales in the Americas, Europe and Australia. It is ideal for family entertainment. Safety - this is the basis in establishing the foundations of each basin and Compass Riverina striking proof:


  • Safe entry and exit from the basin provide ample stage.
  • Steps and additional seats are located in the basin bends and do not interfere with the free swimming.
  • Convenience railings along the perimeter of the basin are located directly beneath the water surface and provide support to both children and adults.
  • Steps, seats for rest and bottom of the basin have anti-surface


Using ceramic composite technology Compass Pools is considered a world leader in the production basins

Why to go to crowded beaches where you can enjoy the beautiful vacation with your Riverina every day.




The main advantages of this technology:


  • Ceramic layer prolongs lifespan.
  • Smooth surface prevents the accumulation of algae on the entire surface of the pool, thereby reducing the number of drugs used for disinfection.
  • Ceramic layer allows you to maintain temperature stability.
  • Thanks to the rigidity of construction, pool opposes minor shifts ground.



The forms and dimensions:



Riverina Series
Riverina 106
Dimensions: 10.6 m x 4,2 m
Depth: 1.13 m - 1.89 m
Volume: 47 m3, Weight: 880 kg
Riverina 86
Dimensions: 8.6 m x 3,8 m
Depth: 1.13 m - 1.70 m
Volume: 38 m3, Weight: 690 kg
Riverina 75
Dimensions: 7.5 m x 3,8 m
Depth: 1.12 m - 1.64 m
Volume: 29 m3, Weight: 590 kg
Riverina 67
Dimensions: 6.7 m x 3,4 m
Depth: 1.08 m - 1.47 m
Volume: 24 m3, Weight: 530 kg



Color solutions:



Galaxy Blue
Blue Granite
Blue Saphire
Golden Pebble
Smokey Quartz
Cyber Moon
Cyber Aqua
Cyber Sky
Diamond Reef


Enjoy fully automated service basin, with a system of self-purification and circulation.