Распродажа склада


A series of Java




Model Java - a pool in the classical style with the original design of Compass Pools.


Java is a unique version of the pool stages with immediate and horizontal bottom, which highlights the external lines throughout the bowl.

A classic design will make Java harmony in your garden.


Security - the main credo of each basin Compass Pools, and Java entirely suited to this definition:


  • The wide and comfortable level ensure the safety and convenience.
  • The wide and comfortable level ensure the safety and convenience.
  • At the ends of the basin are comfortable seating, which can be used both for recreation and for hydro-massage devices.
  • Stairs, seating for rest and bottom of the basin have anti-surface.
  • You can install roletnogo cover.
  • Using ceramic composite technology Compass Pools is considered a world leader in the production basins




The main advantages of this technology:


  • Ceramic layer prolongs lifespan.
  • Smooth surface prevents the accumulation of algae on the entire surface of the pool, thereby reducing the number of drugs used for disinfection.
  • Ceramic layer allows you to maintain temperature stability.
  • Thanks to the rigidity of construction, pool opposes minor shifts ground.


The forms and dimensions:



Java Series  
Java 100
Dimensions: 10 m x 3,8 m
Depth: 1.5 m
Volume: 49 m3, Weight: 850 kg
Java 80
Dimensions: 8.4 m x 3,8 m
Depth: 1.5 m
Volume: 42 m3, Weight: 670 kg



Color solutions:



Galaxy Blue
Blue Granite
Blue Saphire
Golden Pebble
Smokey Quartz
Cyber Moon
Cyber Aqua
Cyber Sky
Diamond Reef