Распродажа склада


A series of Calypso SPA




Calypso SPA - this is the ideal solution for defusing and removing utalosti.

After a tedious and stressful day people seeking to relax.
To do this he needed a comfortable place, comfort, as well as the ability to create and enhance comfort.


What do you appreciate most at KURORT Calypso?
  • A convenient entry and massage to 6 seats
  • Head
  • Color coverage
  • Automatic control
  • Persistent high-quality material suitable for installation in the open air
  • Intensive massage
  • Bright color 3D-covering, brilliant colors and graceful three-dimensional from a number: BiLuminate, Cyber Almaz
Using ceramic composite technology Compass Pools is considered a world leader in the production basins.


Types in the vortex of Calypso SPA:
  • "Portable" - "Portable" Calypso SPA (portable - free standing)
  • "Built-in" - "Embedded" Calypso SPA (embedded)
  • "Freedom" - "Free kompanovka" Calypso SPA (beyond the basin)


Additional equipment for pools Calypso SPA:


DELUX equipment:

  • 39 massage jets
  • 14 air jets
  • 2 pump
  • 1 ventilation fan
  • 1 Eco-Spa salt to disinfect
  • 4 head
  • digital controller
  • sand filter
  • cover
  • light
  • Heating up to 2 kW
  • isolation

SUPERIOR equipment:

  • 6 massage jets
  • 14 air jets
  • 1 pump
  • 1 ventilation fan
  • digital controller
  • sand filter
  • cover
  • light
  • Heating up to 2 kW
  • isolation




The advantages of this technology are:
  • Ceramic layer Calypso SPA twice extends the life of the bowl.
  • Smooth surface prevents the propagation of algae, thereby reducing the number of drugs used for disinfection.
  • Ceramic layer improves insulation, which reduces the cost of heating.
  • Rigidity design allows fully deepen bowl Calypso SPA without the use of concrete.
  • The possibility of a complete set of customized bowls.
It should add to the benefits of such strict controls Compass Pools for their products, guarantees, designing pools happening on the most stringent standards. All of this provides an important advantage - a correct sense of comfort and quality of investment body and soul.

At your service, supplies and accessories suitable (counterclaim stream, waterfall, etc.), lighting, the type of water treatment, heater and much more.


The forms and dimensions:
Spa Calypso
Spa Calypso
Dimensions: 2.6 m x 2,3 m
Depth: 0.9 m
Volume: 2,9m3,Mass: 150kg



Color solutions:



Galaxy Blue
Blue Granite
Blue Saphire
Golden Pebble
Smokey Quartz
Cyber Moon
Cyber Aqua
Cyber Sky
Diamond Reef



Enjoy fully automated service basin, with a system of self-purification and circulation.