Распродажа склада

The steel chimney


The steel chimney Harvia - Modern and elegant solution.

A modern and elegant steel chimney Harvia DSC to install. It is intended, first and foremost for wood heaters, stoves and small fireplaces and withstand significant differences in temperature.

Classic round steel surface design and create positive impression. Foreign shirt and inner tube, made of stainless steel, ensure product durability and beautiful appearance.

The standard supply chimney is the main module of 1.5 m in length (WHP1500) and installation kit that includes ogolovok chimney, rubber rain flange and passing flange of stainless steel for passage through the ceiling overlap. In addition, the kit contains non-insulated chimney pipe length of 1 meter. For chimney made of stainless steel, offers additional modules 0.5 m in length (WHP500) and 1.0 metres (WHP1000). Maximum height of the chimney, collected from modules of 5 meters.

Nominal temperature of flue gas firebox, connected to the chimney should not exceed 600 oC. External diameter of 220 mm shirts, and the inner diameter of the pipe 115 mm. The safe distance between the chimney and flammable materials is 100 mm. The steel chimney Harvia marked SE, confirming compliance with European requirements fire products and consumer safety. The steel chimney resistant to progoraniyu.

Mounting chimney Harvia quite DSC. Through sound system prikruchivayutsya mounting additional elements to each other, as part of a stack snap to using the grooves. This helps prevent traffic caused by temperature changes. In a room chimney can be installed at a height of up to 3 meters without lateral supports, and on the street without reliance assembly height of 2 meters.

The extensive range Harvia contains pipes and angular elements for various mounting solutions. They are suitable for all types of wood Chimney and made of stainless steel or steel, tinted powder way.