Распродажа склада

Gibraltar - Oval (H: 1,32 m, 7.32 m by 3.66 m)

Gibraltar - Oval

Depth: 1.32 m.
Size: 7.32 m. x 3.66 m.

Gibraltar is an exclusive mode of pools of "Atlantic Pool", which has no counterfort. Due to lack of counterfort pools occupy far less space than previous models (width footprint actually decreased by 2.2 m!). Coatings twentieth century I "BAKE KOT" and "PROTECTOLOG" used in models of Gibraltar provide reliable protection of metal components from corrosion, scratches and ultraviolet.

Pools series of Gibraltar, unlike previous models have wide-ranging side rack (230 mm) and upper piping (230 mm) to ensure maximum mechanical stiffness construction basin.
The latest design solutions embodied in this model have created a unique mixture of design and high strength.

In the complete set of data pools include: peskovy filter with four / shestipozitsionnym valve and circulating pump, factionalism quartz sand, stairs, with the outer portion of removable, allowing the basin to prevent the use of children without adult supervision, the device collecting mud particles from the water surface (skimmers), injector filing water, connecting hoses, instructions for assembling the pool.





Additional features:
Volume: 31.2
Number of packages: 12
Total weight (kg): 372
The size of the packages (cm)
Upper Kant: 27 h41h152
Side racks, decorative lining: 18 h44h137
Decorative fixing connectors: 25 h61h152
Segmental guides: 13 h27h152
Lower ties and screws (3 Kor.): 13 h150h39
Chashkovy package: 20 h58h64
The steel sheet: 28 h28h137
The filter with the pump: 49 h63h84
Sand (25 kg package): 2 pcs.
Stairs: 138 h56h32



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