Распродажа склада


If you pool - this is still only a large tank filled with water, you simply lag behind their life. Quick pool of today - is not just a place for swimming. Now growing popularity is beginning to enjoy the installation of water attractions. If you are already a happy owner of the basin - large or small - it is possible to transform it, and if still at the design stage, then boldly - equipped with its own small entertainment complex on the water.

Water rides do not require the erection of complex structures, the most necessary - this is a bit of compressors for the filing of compressed air pumps and regulating water flow capacity. As a result, you get a mini-water park with boiling geyser, waterfalls, water cannons and endless wave of pleasure. Swimming pool will not only bring you pleasure, but also bring practical benefits - savings on fitness centers and gym.

Water rides turn your pool into universal recreation complex, because this is a wonderful tool to combat fatigue, muscle weakness and stresses. Especially highlighted in this regard underwater installation "geyser" and various flow. "Geyser" built in the pool (the bottom) of the special technologies. Out of literally speeds jets of water and air mixture, forming on the surface with a powerful surf, and your pool is turning into a fascinating attraction.

This is a unique opportunity to relax in the endless stream of bubbles and water. Clinic and relaxation effect guaranteed. Geysers can be placed in the pool and give them the intensity you want. Thus, your pool will turn into a small treatment room at home.

Flow - an artificial device currents, to check their forces during the voyage. Thanks to this attraction, you can turn even a small swimming pool in full training, gradually increasing pressure, as well as not comparable to anything the effect of water jet massage with air bubbles. Making a small pool in training pitch with such protivopotokami - easy!

Flow are of two types: stationary (built) and suspended. Stationary flow directly into a wall mounted bowl basin. Embedded devices that will equip your pool at home or on the street, there should be even before its construction. Suspended flow, the body which is made of plastic, mounted on a swimming pool (with beads) and serve you faith and truth. If your swimming pool needs to change - contact the company "Euro-Poole". You will be pleasantly surprised, seeing as converts pool after work on it our specialists.