Распродажа склада


A series of X-Trainer







X-Trainer - two paths for fitness, health and entertainment!

The severity of forms and lines makes it possible to use the model for sports swimming, as well as for fitness exercises in the water.

It was very monotone taught in the past. Modern training methods developed in the current time, which combine different exercises in one full fitness program - Pool X-Trainer - guarantees the implementation of programmes of any complexity.


  • The broad stage with the two sides make entry and exit from the pool safe
  • The width allows steps to leave without fear of children in the pool where they can play freely
  • Steps and the bottom of the basin have anti-surface
  • I use ceramic composite technology Compass Pools is considered a world leader in the production basins
Standard pools mainly permit, only one diver to swim, swimming pools X-Trainer allow two or more swimmers, swim together. X-Trainer particularly attractive to most games on the water and training programs, both for adults and children alike.

Security - the main credo of each basin, and X-Trainer perfectly suited to this definition. Speaker step under water near the pool available so as to allow children without special effort vyti and withdraw from it anywhere in the basin. Region and bass have reason to slip surface.


The forms and dimensions:


Galaxy Blue Blue Granite Blue Saphire


Golden Pebble Smokey Quartz

Cyber Serie

Cyber Moon
Cyber Aqua Cyber Sky

Diamond Serie

Diamond Reef