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Self-cleaning of pool System of self-cleaning of pool is not a myth...
... Compass Vantage.

If you think that you will like to clean independently your new pool these news are obliged to upset you. System of clearing of pool Compass Vantage-cleaning system from approximately strategically placed 9 nouses, which tower from a pool floor to clean and отмести dust.

The fine self-served pool is possible - only contact us. Your time is money if your pool "independently cleans", you save money! Mountain streams are an embodiment of cleanliness, freshness and cleanliness. And nevertheless, they pass in difficult places, frequently in an environment of trees.

So does them, pure and fresh? The answer is simple. They never stop to move. As water stream somersaults, at downhill racing, the dirt and dust will be swept away by a stream, and water constantly mixes up. Thus sea seaweed and bacteria cannot simply develop in such conditions. You can reach it with your pool. You could to look after day and night all the pool, or could buy simply pool with Vantage self-cleaning system!

VANTAGE is the best in the world system of self-cleaning of water for composit pools.


Imagine a swimming pool - pure as fresh mountain stream.

The system Compass Vantage, do not consume much electricity.
The patented valve system of self-water known as the "brain", because this is a very clever technological solution. His original design allows the use of force water pumped through the filter basin. The system of self Compass Vantage collects and purifies the water efficiently and automatically. Dirt and debris is sent to carefully organized structure of patented filter Vantage "Sbora Zone", in Active Head Potok or MDX.
VANTAGE easily copes with leaves in various regions throughout the year. Additional option jerry-containment makes debris removal, in one breath. Conveniently located near the swimming pool, it provides quick and easy way to remove large amounts of debris from its reserve. This reduces the load on your pump, a large potential means that it does not need to be cleaned as often. Safe and convenient, the content of debris, allowing the basin to stay clean longer.
VANTAGE limits the spread of algae and bacterial growth.

In mountain stream no "dead" zones. The Permanent Mission of the movement of water ensures that it never becomes stagnant, as well as algae and bacteria that thrive in stagnant water. In your pool, Compass Vantage system provides constant circulation of water to create a similar effect. The system provides a vital basin for the filing of chemicals needed to control the disturbing organisms, it makes the water in the basin of fresh, clean and healthy. Compass Vantage circulation warms your pool, so you can swim longer. The sun warms only a thin top layer of surface water, resulting in lower layers remain cold for swimming.
The system of mixing water, Compass Vantage creates a mixture of hot and cold segments of the basin, resulting in water warmer and more pleasant for swimming. Compass Vantage system reduces costs for chemical additives. When the sun greet the pool water surface, it evaporates and burns valuable pool chemicals. Vantage system saves chemicals, as well as mixing with water evaporation decreases and increases maintain chemical levels.

The system of self basin Compass Vantage, reduces the cost of electricity.
Approximately 90% of high temperature to be lost through the surface of the basin. Warm water is always rises to the surface of the pool and remains there, but quickly cooled and thus must be heated again. Continuing tsirkuliruya and mixing water, the system saves Compass Vantage superficial loss of high temperature and can reduce the cost of heating water by 50%.
And while you relax, engineers Compass Vantage - improved, making it even better. Revolutionary development of Compass Vantage MDX set new standards for debris removal and safety of children. Her unique and original design compresses even the major elements of debris and sends out, quickly and powerfully.
Any chance to lock system almost eliminated. For swimmers, definitely developed position of Compass Vantage, meets the strictest international safety standards basin.
MDX, is available in three colors and is ideal for spa pools and fountains. Compass Vantage is the best in the world circulation and cleaning swimming pools makes it more effectively. It reaches the places where mobile cleaning systems can not pass. Steps beaches, projections and ledges not a problem for the system Compass Vantage. So you never have to assist the system in all difficult cases.


Compass Vantage - absolutely safe.

Each mobile cleaning basin has strict warning! No one is allowed in the pool until it works. They are more vulnerable to damage and wear mechanisms. And, if they have not recovered from the water, may even damage the pump.
Compass Vantage unobtrusive system was developed specifically as a built-constantly working device, it works until you swim in complete security. Continued work, reliability and attractive appearance that Compass Vantage! For many people with mobile treatment systems that underlie the basin across the living room floor - Compass Vantage - an indispensable assistant, which does not require special care, it is almost invisible, and does not violate design of your pool.
Compass Vantage comes in three types of finishes and colors that blend perfectly with the color of your pool. Compass Vantage no competition. As one of the premium brands in the U.S. and Europe, Compass Vantage has many patents. Water valve patented, as debris removal system (Localized canister).

Compass Vantage is available and installed on new composite pools and spa.
The network of strategically important points nozzles, which constitute the system Compass Vantage, installed at the plant during construction of a new basin. Every swimming pool installed a trained and accredited installers. All this means that you can totally relax, next to your new crystal clean and equipped with a swimming pool.