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History of Japan Bath

The Japanese bath bath - an important aspect of life in Japan. Many in Japan bathed daily, not just to be clean, but also to give rest tired muscles, lift the tension, improve blood circulation and retain youthful skin.

In ancient times in Japan were popular OFURO - traditional Japanese dry sauna, a wooden box with hot filings. These filings are immersed people and at a temperature of 50 ° -70 ° C bathhouse procedure takes place. To strengthen the therapeutic effects are encouraged to use cedar sawdust and lime, as well as add various essential oils.

Ofuro made from cedar or oak, have automatic system elektropodogreva. Since it can smoothly regulate the temperature of heating sawdust. Japan is a ritual bath, its roots deep in the outgoing century. Samy procedure can be divided into several stages. 


Step 1-A visitor to undress and orchards in FURAKO (wooden barrel with warmed to 35 degrees Celsius water), while the water should be placed below the heart. During his stay in furako not violated termorezhim heart and the whole organism.

2-Step Further, the client is moving to the next furako with more hot water (about 50 degrees). In this process of gradual adaptation to the thermal effects of the organism. Then the visitor takes a bath of warm dry sawdust with various essential oils. During his stay in the ofuro sweating occurs, the area of heart and head are not experiencing intense heat, which is very important for gipertonikov and other groups. This procedure warms and relaxes, and, thanks to the filings, massages the peripheral blood vessels. 


Of the stories ofuro
Bath in Japan - is a real club. Place of meetings, friendly sittings, a lot more. Its beauty lies not only in the possibility poparitsya well. Japanese policies during the company's conduct here entire evening, conversing in steam or tea with potential voters, not only promoting thereby pre-platform, but also acquiring popularity among the masses. 

The Japanese ofuro come not without purpose. First, they did not recognize soap. At its production went dead animals, it is contrary to religious beliefs of Buddhists, they began to be used for washing water to get heated. Secondly, crude climate in Japan. Exorbitant pronzitelny humidity exacerbates the winter cold. Houses poorly heated: steam heating is far from everywhere, is worth a lot of money, so even in the winter of his work is strictly regulated. Because the Japanese tradition dress fairly easy (early Buddhism prohibits clothing from wool animal furs). That became necessary gretsya daily, and as it should. Nowadays, the Japanese are using soap and warm clothes. ОфуроBut national Bath not only not lost its significance, but rather acquired new meaning. Studies of Japanese doctors stress that ofuro helps cope with stress, stimulates the activity of cardiovascular system and kidneys, is a valuable curative and preventive tool. It helps with metabolic diseases, removes rheumatic pains. According to statistics of Japanese hygienist who regularly visit the sauna, far fewer sick influenza. Japanese ofuro athletes appreciate as a means of unloading. It removes the nervous tension after training and competitions, relieves fatigue, restores power. At the White Olympics in Sapporo, our athletes got acquainted with so-called end sawdust baths. Kedrov sawdust here mixed with chopped wood, foliage, medicinal and aromatic herbs (60 species). Place the mixture on a special bed and heated to about 60 degrees. The man on the neck immersed in fragrant mass greetsya, poteet within 15 minutes, and sawdust absorb sweat and transmit body useful substances. Such a bath well dissolving fat deposits, rejuvenates the skin and destroy harmful bacteria.


Ceremony visit OFURO
Ceremony visiting Japanese bathhouse has a tremendous sense of energy and salutary effect. Friendly greeting immediately adjusts to rest and relaxation. First guest ofuro opolaskivaetsya, then placed it into a huge oak casks, the water temperature of 35-40 degrees which further guest passes to the next keg in which water temperature is 45-50 degrees. In okanicheskie salt water is added, aromamasla to help relax. At this time the visitor makes a light massage person Flanges zone, head, shoulders. This ride lasts about 15 minutes.

Then his vytirayut dry and set into a huge keg with heated cedar filings. They already in herbs and aromatic oils. Curative effect is achieved due to the fact that during the open pores sweating skin and it absorbs healing substances that are part of the cedar wood chips and grasses. Leather rejuvenating acquires a pleasant color, begins to breathe, aromatic oils relieve stress, create a good mood. After receiving end sawdust bath guest falls on a massage table, where he makes relaxing massage the entire body. In the bath body loses a large amount of moisture, which must be restored. Guest will be offered the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, after which he will be able to relax in the cozy lounge. 


ОфуроAbout curative properties OFURO
Citizens, stresses zamuchennym, fuss and problems, suffering from chronic nedosypami, relaxation is vital. After a good massage and water procedures can be dropped in a dozen years, but the healing resins and aromatics, pleasant atmosphere raises the mood for long. Incidentally, for young mothers bath is a unique tool for slimming, because here come the water, slag and toxins. 

Women bath replaces many expensive cosmetic procedures: peeling, masks and deep cleaning person. It eliminates the premature wrinkles and excess weight. Estimated that through the pores in the skin allocated 3.5 times more harmful substances than through the kidneys, intestine and lungs. All of anxiety and sadness, sorrow, fatigue and psychological discomfort kills mylnaya foam. After a clean bathhouse people as a baby and optimistic. And what else we need a good mood! So if there is a desire to feel the charm of antiquity and feel Samuraj spirit, to feel the atmosphere of ancient Japan, the tea ceremony to enjoy this fact, "Ofuro" will help you with this!