Распродажа склада

Construction of saunas and bathhouses

One of the main activities of "Sauna Dunne - construction and equipment saunas and bathhouses. Discuss the issues of building your sauna baths, or you can call (495) 794-84-52. Watch the standard box-schitovyh saunas, you can here.


Dimensions, m (L * w * h) The volume of saunas, cub Sauna of Lipa / Lipa (EUR)
Sauna of Lipa / Abashi (EUR)
Sauna from Abashi / Abashi (EUR)
Sauna from Cedar / Abashi (EUR)
Sauna 1,0*1,0*1,9 1,9 37882 38967 45880 66557
3,0 47430 48825 66402 84258
4,5 54126 55800 77562 99045
6,3 64170 66123 92070 118017
8,4 70308 76725 106578 138105
11,0 85095 87885 122760 157976
13,2 97650 100719 140337 179955
13,8 98487 102114 142290 160425
17,3 111321 115227 160425 204600
20,7 126945 132246 182745 232686


If you got up the construction of a sauna, Russian and Turkish baths Hamm, we suggest you take the following actions:


  • Measured space - length, width, height. Pay attention to the situation and the size of the aperture. Represents a simple drawing of the hand showing all sizes, be sure to specify your name and telephone number, which, of necessity, would be to ask questions about the features of the project and submit a request to dezign@saunadann.ru or fax (495)794-84-52.
  • We are and send you their proposal. The proposal includes: scheme
    ( View sample) and estimates of the three options (economy class, business class and class-suite). If you received only one option estimates look here.
  • After receiving the offer, you share with us their comments, together with you we determine the materials and equipment of your sauna (sauna, Hammam).
  • For you to place the future of the construction is coming our specialist for the measurement of the premises and the conclusion of the circuit. You can enter into a contract and we have in the office at: Moscow, Volokolamskoe highway 146 ( scheme). Upon conclusion of the Treaty of installation you are paying half the amount Treaty. To start construction, premises must meet the specifications..

  • The brigade experienced builders go to you and building a sauna (sauna, Hammam).

  • Since the end of construction you're having your sauna (sauna, Hammam) and sign an acceptance certificate, and then pay the balance of the amount specified in the contract assembly.

  • The finished product has a warranty period of one year.

Most often, people ask questions about the cost of construction sauna. What is the cost of a standard sauna? Above the table, we value the most common options for the size and integration. We can build a sauna and at lower prices.

What is staffed with a sauna? What kind of wood is best suited for plating walls and fixtures Polat? As for the stones must be stowed in the heater and why these stones? Insulation - What is it? What are the fixtures are installed in the sauna? For more on this page " Accessories"

People wishing to have a sauna, gaining our phone and talk about their wishes. We define the size of the sauna, count the number of materials needed for construction, quality, offer customers several options for equipment - various models of heaters, select the other components - doors, lampshade, if necessary - furniture, and much more.

It is very convenient for our customers is the fact that ordering the sauna or bath, people can immediately estimate the number required for that purpose. Great range and low price of accessories for sauna and bath - we are the manufacturers of such equipment - enables a person with any financial ability to build for themselves and their loved ones or sauna bath. Our experience allows you to build a sauna in a separate building anywhere in the country, and to place a sauna in the apartment. It's enough to a small space, even just a corner. Some of our clients have turned to the usual sauna bathroom.

How to build a sauna? Call us. We will help you calculate the sauna for your home and if you are interested, build it.

Do not forget that you can always buy a prefabricated panels, sauna, fully staffed with all necessary and quickly collect her at home - alone or with the help of our masters. View options sauna cabins, please visit box-flush sauna.

Important is that we have built saunas have long-term warranty. Moreover, our manager tells our customers about new products, which could motivate the user or a sauna bath - for example, fitoaromatah, oil, broom, textiles or cosmetics sets.

On the " Details of the sauna" You can get acquainted with the history of Finnish saunas, see photos of earth saunas, find the difference between a sauna on-black "and a sauna with a chimney, see the features of wood and electric heaters. On the same page, you can see how a sauna effect on human health and how to take care of the sauna.

Steps to self-assemble sauna in pictures posted on the " Phasing construction sauna".

About how to choose the oven for saunas and bathhouses, and that should be taken into account when building a sauna, you can read on the "Recommendations".

For your convenience, the most frequently asked questions our customers make the"question - the answer". Look, most likely what you're looking for, there are already described. If your question remains unanswered - call, will be happy to help you. See you later!