Распродажа склада

About us

The company «Sauna Dann» - the leader of the Russian construction market sauna and Turkish bath. From our comfortable, because we provide clients with comprehensive services: from pre-counseling and selection of optimum parameter furnaces for baths and saunas, sales of prefabricated saunas, complete with all necessary until further service. We also call for construction of baths and saunas. For those who, apart from the desire poparitsya, no less important design, we offer a wide range of accessories and components. Sauna doors, furniture, woodwork and bondarnye product, font, heater, thermometers and hygrometers, steam generators, heaters, infrared cabin and many more that will allow you to use your body and soul to spend time, you will find us.

Construction of baths and saunas trust company «Sauna Dann»! Also with us you will find a wide assortment of wood products and bondarnyh, Polished and punctured jade, heaters and bath - choose from heat! Our warm - you!
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